APN Settings

Access Point Name / APN / Nombre Punto de Acceso

An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet.

A mobile device making a data connection must be configured with an APN to present to the carrier. The carrier will then examine this identifier to determine what type of network connection should be created, for example: which IP addresses should be assigned to the wireless device, which security methods should be used, and how or if, it should be connected to some private customer network.[1]

More specifically, the APN identifies the packet data network (PDN) that a mobile data user wants to communicate with. In addition to identifying a PDN, an APN may also be used to define the type of service, (e.g. connection to Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) server, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)) that is provided by the PDN. APN is used in 3GPP data access networks, e.g. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), evolved packet core (EPC).

Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_Point_Name

Configure your HAICOM APN via SMS:
Send: #0000,200,APN,USER,PASS

Access Point Name / APN / Nombre Punto de Acceso

Country Provider APN User Name Password DNS
Andorra S.T.A. internet [VACIO] [VACIO] /
Argentina CTI internet.ctimovil.com.ar [Space] [Space] Dynamic
Argentina Personal gprs.personal.com [Phone number] adgj Dynamic
Australia Optus internet [Space] [Space] ","
Australia Telstra telstra.internet [Space] [Space] ","
Australia Three 3netaccess a a ","
Australia Vodafone vfinternet.au [Space] [Space] ","
Austria Drei drei.at [Space] [Space] Dynamic
Austria Max Online Metro gprsmetro GPRS [Space] ","
Austria Mobilkom A1 A1.net gprs@a1plus.at [Space] ","
Austria OneNet web.one.at [Customized] [Customized] ","
Austria tele.ring web web@telering.at web ","
Austria T-Mobile A (Max Online Business) business.gprsinternet GPRS [Space] ","
Austria T-Mobile A (Max Online) gprsinternet GPRS [Space] ","
Azerbaijan Azercell internet [Space] [Space] Dynamic
Belarus Velcom web.velcom.by web web Dynamic
Belgium BASE (Orange) orangeinternet [Space] [Space]
Belgium Mobistar web.pro.be mobistar mobistar ","
Belgium Proximus internet.proximus.be [Space] [Space] ","
Brasil Claro claro.com.br claro claro
Brasil Oi gprs.oi.com.br [Space] [Space] Dynamic
Brasil TIM tim.br tim tim
Bulgaria GloBul internet.globul.gl globul [Space] Dynamic
Canada Microcell internet.fido.ca fido fido
Chile Entel PCS imovil.entelpcs.cl entelpcs entelpcs Dynamic
Chile Telefonica Movil web.tmovil.cl web web ","
China 中國移動 cmnet [Space] [Space]
China 中國通聯 [?] [Space] [Space]
Costa Rica IceRegular iceregular [Space] [Space]
Croatia T-Mobile web.htgpr 38591 38591
Croatia VIPNET 3G 3g.vip.hr 38591 38591
Croatia VIPNET Pro gprs5.vipnet.hr 38591 38591
Croatia VIPNET Start gprs0.vipnet.hr 38591 38591
Czech Republic Cesky Mobil (contract) internet [Space] [Space]
Czech Republic Cesky Mobil (prepaid) cinternet [Space] [Space]
Czech Republic Eurotel (contract) internet [Space] [Space] ","
Czech Republic Eurotel Go gointernet [Space] [Space] ","
Czech Republic Paegas Internet internet.click.cz [Space] [Space] ","
Czech Republic Telefonica (contract) internet [Space] [Space] ","
Czech Republic Telefonica (Go) gointernet [Space] [Space] ","
Czech Republic T-Mobile internet.t-mobile.cz [Space] [Space] ","
Czech Republic Vodafone (contract) internet [Space] [Space] " ,"
Czech Republic Vodafore (pre-pay) ointernet [Space] [Space] ","
Denmark 3 [Space] [Space] [Space]
Denmark Orange DK web.orange.dk [Space] [Space] ","
Denmark Sonofon [Space] [Space] [Space] ","
Denmark TDC internet [Space] [Space] ","
Dominican Republic Orange orangenet.com.do [Space] [Space]
Egypt Click Vodafone internet.vodafone.net internet internet
Egypt MobiNil mobinilweb [Space] [Space]
Estonia EMT internet.emt.ee [Space] [Space] ","
Estonia RLE internet [Space] [Space]
Finland Dna internet [Space] [Space] ","
Finland Elisa internet rlnet internet ", 193,229,0,42"
Finland Radiolinja internet rlnet internet ","
Finland Sonera internet [Space] [Space] ","
Finland Song internet.song.fi song@internet songnet
France Bouygues ebouygtel.com [Space] [Space] ","
France Bouygues (B2Bouygtel) b2bouygtel.com [Space] [Space]
France Orange orange.fr orange orange ","
France Orange MIB orange-mib mportail mib – (Proxy Server
France SFR websfr [Space] [Space] ","
Germany E-Plus internet.eplus.de eplus gprs ","
Germany O2 (3G) surfo2 [Space] [Space] ","
Germany O2 (GPRS) internet [Space] [Space] ","
Germany T-Mobile internet.t-d1.de td1 gprs
Germany Vodafone web.vodafone.de [any] [any] ","
Ghana Areeba internet.spacefon.com [Space] [Space] ","
Greece Cosmote internet [Space] [Space]
Greece Telestet gnet.b-online.gr [Phone number] 24680 ","
Greece TIM gint.b-online.gr web web
Greece Vodafone GR internet.vodafone.gr [Space] [Space] ","
Hong Kong CSL hkcsl or internet [Space] [Space] ","
Hong Kong New World internet [Space] [Space]
Hong Kong Orange web.orangehk.com [Space] [Space]
Hong Kong People internet [Space] [Space]
Hong Kong SmarTone internet [Space] [Space] ","
Hong Kong Sunday internet [Space] [Space]
Hong Kong Three web-g.three.com.hk [Space] [Space]
Hungary Pannon (compressed) snet [Space] [Space] ","
Hungary Pannon (contract) net [Space] [Space] ","
Hungary Pannon (flat rate) netx [Space] [Space] ","
Hungary Vodafone (contract compressed) internet.vodafone.net [Space] [Space] ","
Hungary Vodafone (contract uncompressed) standardnet.vodafone.net [Space] [Space] ","
Hungary Vodafone (pre-pay compressed) vitamax.internet.vodafone.net [Space] [Space] ","
Hungary Vodafone (pre-pay uncompressed) vitamax.snet.vodafone.net [Space] [Space] ","
Hungary Westel (contract) internet [Customized] [Customized] ","
Iceland Orange internet [Space] [Space] Dynamic
India AirTel airtelgprs.com [Space] [Space]
India BPL bplgprs.com bplmobile [Space] ","
India Idea Cellular internet [Space] [Space]
India MTNL Mumbai gprsmtnlmum mtnl mtnl123
India Orange portalnmms [Space] [Space] ","
Indonesia Excelcomindo www.xlgprs.net xlgprs proxy ","
Indonesia IM3 www.indosat-m3.net gprs im3
Indonesia Indosat satelindogprs.com [Space] [Space] ","
Ireland O2 (contract) open.internet gprs gprs ","
Ireland O2 (prepaid) pp.internet gprs gprs ","
Ireland Vodafone (contract) isp.vodafone.ie vodafone vodafone
Ireland Vodafone (pre-pay) live.codafone.com vodafone vodafone
Israel Cellcom internetg [Space] [Space]
Israel MTC-Vodafone apn01 [Space] [Space]
Israel Orange internet [Space] [Space]
Italy Blu (Contratto) INTERNET [Space] [Space] ","
Italy Blu (Prepagata) PINTERNET [Space] [Space] ","
Italy H3G tre.it [Space] [Space]
Italy TIM ibox.tim.it [Space] [Space] ","
Italy Vodafone (Omnitel) web.omnitel.it [Space] [Space]
Italy Wind internet.wind [Space] [Space]
Japan Vodafone (J-Phone) vodafone ai@vodafone vodafone ","
Kazakhstan Beeline internet.beeline.kz internet.beeline [Space] ","
Latvia LMT internet.lmt.lv [Space] [Space] ","
Latvia Tele2 internet.tele2.lv gprs internet
Lebanon Cellis FTML internet.ftml.com.lb plugged plugged Dynamic
Lithuania Bite GSM banga [Space] [Space] ","
Lithuania Omnitel (contract) gprs.omnitel.net [Space] [Space] ","
Lithuania Omnitel (no contract) gprs.startas.lt omni omni
Luxembourg LUXGSM web.pt.lu [Space] [Space] ","
Luxembourg Tango internet tango tango
Luxembourg VOXmobile vox.lu [Space] [Space] ","
Malaysia DIGI diginet [Space] [Space] ","
Malaysia Maxis internet.gprs.maxis [Space] [Space] ","
Malaysia Timecel timenet.com.my [Space] [Space] ","
Malaysia TM Touch internet [Space] [Space]
Malta Go Mobile (contract) gosurfing [Space] [Space]
Malta Go Mobile (pre.pay) rtgsurfing [Space] [Space]
Mexico Telcel internet.itelcel.com webgprs webgprs2002
Moldavia Moldcell internet gprs gprs
Netherlands KPN Mobile internet KPN gprs ","
Netherlands O2 internet [Space] [Space]
Netherlands Telfort internet telfortnl Password
Netherlands T-Mobile (Ben) acitve internet-act [Space] [Space] ","
Netherlands Vodafone (business) office.vodafone.nl vodafone vodafone
Netherlands Vodafone (normal) web.vodafone.nl vodafone vodafone
New Zealand Vodafone www.vodafone.net.nz [Space] [Space] ","
Nigeria Globacom gprs wap [Space]
Norway Netcom internet.netcom.no [Space] [Space] ","
Norway Telenor Mobil internet [Model name] 1111
Pakistan Ufone ufone.internet ufone ufone Dynamic
Panama Cablw & Wireless apn01.cwpanama.com.pa xxx xxx
Peru Claro (TIM) tim.pe tim tulibertad
Philippines Globe Telecoms internet.globe.com.ph globe globe ","
Philippines Smart internet witsductoor banonoy ","
Philippines Sun Cellular minternet [Space] [Space] [Space]
Poland ERA erainternet erainternet erainternet ","
Poland Heyah heyah.pl heyah heyah ","
Poland Idea www.idea.pl idea idea ","
Poland Orange internet internet internet ","
Poland Polkomtel www.plusgsm.pl [Space] [Space] ","
Portugal Optimus internet [Space] [Space]
Portugal TMN internet [Space] [Space] ","
Portugal Vodafone PT internet.vodafone.pt [Space] [Space] ","
Romania Connex (Vodafone) internet.connex.ro internet.connex.ro connex ","
Romania Orange internet [Space] [Space] ","
Russia BeeLine internet.beeline.ru beeline beeline ","
Russia Megafon (dv) internet.dv [Space] [Space] ","
Russia Megafon (kvk) internet.kvk [Space] [Space] ","
Russia Megafon (ltmsk) internet.ltmsk [Space] [Space] ","
Russia Megafon (mc) internet.mc [Space] [Space]
Russia Megafon (NWGSM) internet.nw [Space] [Space]
Russia Megafon (Siberia) internet.sib [Space] [Space]
Russia Megafon (UGSM) internet.ugsm [Space] [Space] ","
Russia Megafon (usi) internet.usi.ru [Space] [Space] ","
Russia Megafon (Volga) internet.volga [Space] [Space] ","
Russia Motiv (uses BeeLine) internet.beeline.ru beeline beeline ","
Russia MTS internet.mts.ru mts mts ","
Russia NCC internet ncc [supplied] ","
Russia NTC internet.ntc [Space] [Space] ","
Russia PrimTel internet.primtel.ru [Space] [Space]
Saint Lucia Cable & Wireless internet [Space] [Space]
Serbia-Montenegro Mobtel Srbija internet mobtel gprs
Serbia-Montenegro Telekom Srbija gprsinternet mts 64
Singapore M1 mobilenet [Space] [Space] ","
Singapore SingTel internet [Space] [Space] ","
Singapore Starhub shwapint [Space] [Space] ","
Slovakia Eurotel internet [Space] [Space]
Slovakia Globtel internet [Space] [Space] ","
Slovakia Orange internet [Space] [Space]
Slovenia Debitel internet <empty> <empty> -,-
Slovenia Izi mobil izimobil izimobil izimobil -,-
Slovenia M-mobil internet.mercator.si mercator mercator -,-
Slovenia Mobitel internet <empty> <empty> -,-
Slovenia Mobitel (Internet) internet mobitel internet ","
Slovenia Simobil simobil.internet.si simobil internet ","
Slovenia Tus Mobil internet.tusmobil.si internet internet -,-
South Africa Cell-C internet [Space] [Space] ","
South Africa MTN internet [Space] [Space]
South Africa Vodacom internet [Space] [Space]
Spain Amena internet CLIENTE AMENA ","
Spain Telefonica (Movistar) movistar.es movistar movistar ","
Spain Vodafone (Airtel) airtelnet.es vodafone vodafone ","
Sweden Tele2 Comviq isplnk1.swip.net gprs internet
Sweden Telia online.telia.se [Space] [Space] ","
Sweden Tre (3G) data.tre.se void void
Sweden Vodafone (3G) services.vodafone.net [Space] [Space]
Sweden Vodafone (GPRS) internet.vodafone.net [Space] [Space]
Switzerland Orange CH internet [Space] [Space] ","
Switzerland Sunrise internet internet internet ","
Switzerland Swisscom gprs.swisscom.ch [Space] [Space] ","
Taiwan Chunghwa Telekom emome or internet [Space] [Space]
Taiwan Far EasTone fetnet01 [Space] [Space]
Taiwan KG Telecom internet [Space] [Space]
Taiwan Taiwan Cellular internet [Space] [Space]
Thailand AIS internet [Space] [Space] ","
Thailand DTAC www.dtac.co.th [Space] [Space] ","
Turkey Aycell aycell [Space] [Space] ","
Turkey Telsim telsim telsim telsim
Turkey Turkcell internet gprs gprs ","
UAE Etisalat mnet mnet mnet
UK "O2 (contract faster)" mobile.o2.co.uk faster password,","
UK Jersey Telecom pepper abc abc ","
UK O2 (contract) mobile.o2.co.uk web password ","
UK O2 UK (pre-pay) payandgo.o2.co.uk payandgo payandgo
UK Orange (Pay and Go) orangewap Multimedia Orange ","
UK Orange (pay monthly) orangeinternet user pass ","
UK T-Mobile general.t-mobile.uk user pass
UK Virgin Mobile goto.virginmobile.com user [Space]
UK Vodafone (contract) internet web webs
Ukraine Djuice www.djuice.com.ua igprs igprs
Ukraine Jeans www.jeans.ua [Space] [Space] ","
Ukraine Kyivstar www.kyivstar.ua igprs internet
Ukraine Mobi-GSM internet.urs [Space] [Space] ","
Uruguay ANCEL gprs.ancel [Space] [Space] ","
USA Cingular isp.cingular isdpa@cingulargprs.com CINGULAR1 ","
USA T-Mobile (Internet) internet2.voicestream.com [Space] [Space] ","
Uzbekistan Uzdunrobita net.urd.uz user pass
Venezuela Digitel TIM gprsweb.digitel.ve [Space] [Space]